Bathtub Refinishing Raleigh

Bath Tub Refinishing Raleigh, NC

Is your home’s bathtub outdated? As you look back on the old design of your tub, you may realize your home’s bathrooms are very outdated, maybe even tacky. In new, modern homes you’ll find neutral tones in the bathroom with what is typically a shiny, white tub with a great tile or stone around it. Years ago, many people always made sure they had colors and prints on their tub! Bath tub refinishing will save you a lot of money. With bathtub refinishing, you’ll have a good-as-new tub for a small portion of the cost of a new tub! Check out these bathroom ideas for a bit of inspiration

Professional vs DIY Bathtub Refinishing

You should hire a professional to take care of your bathtub refinishing. Why? Professionals can use the proper materials and chemicals that you won’t be able to purchase in a hardware store. Reglazing materials are very toxic and must be used with extreme care by trained professionals in the bathtub refinishing business. When hiring a professional, as to see prior work, and also ask how they plan to do the process and ventilate the room. You can’t compare the quality of a DIY kit to a professional.

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Resurfacing Bathtubs

Your expert, trained refinishing professional will remove all of the old finish off of your tub before reglazing before beginning the resurfacing. Professionals can use a powerful hydrofluoric acid to do this work, and they then rinse and sand the bathtub to find a great rough surface the refinishing can definitely stick on to. You’ll appreciate the look of a professionally resurfaced bathtub, as well as knowing the quality of your tub!

Bath Resurfacing in Raleigh

Resurfacing your tub will provide an instant boost in value to your home. Your tub will look brand new with a professional completing your bathtub refinishing project. It will also save you a ton of money to prevent having to purchase a new tub! Resurfacing your bathtub can offer over 10 more years of life to your tub. Bathtub refinishing Raleigh understands the refinishing process and will provide you with excellent service.