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Carpet in Raleigh

Why step onto cold, hard flooring when you could enjoy the soft, plush texture of new carpet? We all know those mornings where you don’t want to have to step onto the cold bathroom floor. Why would you want your whole home to feel chilly? Choose the warmth and comfort of a new carpet floor!

Carpeting Options

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Carpet can work in any room! We love the diverse uses of carpet flooring, which stems from the thousands of options you have when choosing your carpet flooring! Carpeting is an excellent choice for any used room for relaxing, sleeping or working.

Each room may need a specific kind of flooring. You can never go wrong with a basic white carpet. It pairs with anything! We also love a tighter texture of carpet for an office or bonus space, while you may find a thicker, plush carpet to fit your needs better in a bedroom and closet.

Maintaining your Carpet Flooring

Maintaining carpeting may appear to be a struggle, but you will find it is very simple. Depending on the thickness of your carpet flooring, an easy cordless vacuum may pick up small crumbs and dirt, while a thicker carpet will require a heavy-duty home vacuum to lift up pet hair and deep messes. For stains and spills, you’ll probably want to pick up a steam cleaner, even if it is just a spot cleaner. We love these because they will prolong the life of your carpet if you catch the stain quick enough!

Keep your cleaners basic. Sure, buying cleaners at the store may seem like a great option for big stains or streaks in your carpet. However, you will find how toxic these chemicals are and how they will not only affect your health, but also hurt the condition of your new carpet flooring. We really like this homemade carpet cleaner to clean carpets naturally.

Raleigh NC Carpeting

Say goodbye to your old flooring and say hello to new carpet flooring! Your home will feel so much warmer and cozier for you, your family and your guests with beautiful, plush carpeting throughout your home’s gathering and resting spaces. Carpeting Raleigh has you covered for all of your carpet flooring needs!